Time is NOT on our side

Thinking of the oldies song that time is on our side, when you are juggling a career, three kids, a wife, and other community events it most definitely is NOT.

Years ago, when I was single with no kids, I could devote hours a day to get in my strength training, cardio, and maybe a little stretching too. Today, that simply is not an option. My main priority is my family and helping them all to be the best they can be and know they are loved. So the conundrum is, “Do I just let myself go and gain 50 pounds?”

What do you think?

If you’re reading this, then you probably have the same answer as I… “No, I do not let myself go!” I don’t want to be the dad who can run with his kids, be an active coach for their sporting events, or that dad who doesn’t take his shirt off at the beach. I want to not only look good, I want to feel good. In addition, I don’t want to be so embarrassed by my physique that I subliminally give my kids the impression they should be self-conscious of what they consider their flaws. Come on! Life is hard enough!

Is there an answer or just a waste of money?

I have tried pretty much every style of working out under the sun from body building, which took too much of my valuable time, to Crossfit-style workouts, which were shorter, but the repetition wreaked havoc on my knees and back. Finally, I found the Immortal workout! This allowed me to workout at home with a barbell, some weights, and a pull-up bar! In addition, the workouts can be catered to nearly ANY lifestyle. In addition, you don’t need to mortgage your home to purchase it. Plus, it is a digital copy, which means no waiting 10 business days before you can get busy.

This workout changed the way I approached my strength and cardio training. At almost 40, I am in as good of shape as in my 20’s running to the Marine Corps ranges carrying my M-16… without all the yelling at me, of course!

Check out the link below and start getting the fitness level you thought was never possible; I cancelled my gym membership and am saving hundreds of dollars a year as well. Check it out and leave a post if you’ve tried it:



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