A few years ago

Just a few years ago, I was at a conference for law enforcement, firefighters, military, paramedics, etc…

I didn’t really know anyone who was attending, so I just kind of listened to the people around me during the breaks. During the second break I a guy came to sit in an empty seat next to me to talk to the guy next to that seat. As he sat, he let out an OUCH, and started to rub his neck area.

The man proceeded to tell the man next to him, who I gathered he already knew, how he was finishing his 25th year of service in a southern California law enforcement agency. He proceeded to talk about the nagging neck and back issues he faced from years of sitting, typing, wearing a ballistic vest and a duty belt. In addition, he talked about several other officers and firemen the pair had as mutual friends.

They all had the same issues.

These were the people risking their lives to keep us safe and they all seemed to be facing the same issue of nagging back pain, some having two surgeries to repair the issue, but to no avail.

Not wanting to be in the same scenario, I looked to a trusted medical website, Mayo Clinic.com and saw they stated “Most back pain-even severe back pain- goes away on its own between four to six weeks”


These guys, their friends, and probably 100 others in similar fields have been dealing with nagging pain for YEARS! Even my family members, who served as desk jockeys, constantly typing away or reading documents, are now finding themselves with back, shoulder and neck pain. I was glad I was still pretty young and wasn’t dealing with the same issues.

Then it happened to me… out of the blue, one day my neck hurt so bad I had to take the ice packs out of my lunch (you should pack yours too) and hold it on my neck for a small amount of relief. I tried yoga, stretching, neck exercises, but nothing seemed to work long term.

A God Send:

Then on a fluke, I was looking at low back pain and found Foundation Training. This stuff really works. It addressed the underlying issues, poor movement patterns. If you are experiencing any pain try this Youtube link (type in your search bar), its much more difficult and works better than you think


To get the REAL DEAL, look to their moderately priced full workouts and knowledge at


Try it and feel better… I have yet to hear of anyone who this did not help.


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