About Me:

Hello All:

For nearly thirty years, I have been pursuing what I consider my personal, physical, best. I, too, have been slave to the global gyms, much like the one portrayed in the Ben Stiller comedy, Dodgeball. At first, as a young dude, I would go to the gym with more of a social club mindset, to talk to my friends and check out the girls. I found that, while I was in “good” shape, I really didn’t see the results I wanted.

Later, I joined the Marine Corps. During my time on duty, I was certainly “in shape,” but my body didn’t really look it, mostly because of a poor diet and too much beer. Then, my mid to late 20’s hit and I found myself nearly consumed with becoming healthier. I had left the military, but continued to work outside doing manual labor style jobs. Sooner than later, I found myself with neck issues, which progressed to hurting like hell.

Then one day….

I was on baby leave, with my third child, caught in a time crunch between work, kids activities, and spending time with my wife. My lifestyle left no time for exercise and seemingly little time to eat right. What I did do on my baby leave was a little research on physical fitness, healthy eating, and correcting some of my movement issues to live pain free. I found a few programs that I personally used. That is what I wanted to share with you. You can get the health, body, and flexibility YOU deserve without spending piles of hours exercising or thousands of dollars on meal prep and a trainer. I will show you exactly what I did to be in my late 30’s still getting ID’d and mistaken for a man in his early 20’s, both clothed and at the beach. There isn’t a ton of dedication on your part and, truthfully, you WILL feel so well that it will be come a part of your life and you’ll wonder how you functioned without it.