Everyone Needs Supplements

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Get your head in the game:

We all want to be our best. Remember that movie with Bradley Cooper where he found a pill that made him uber-smart and he was able to figure out anything? It was great while the affects of the pill were in his system, but it left him with what can only be described as a “21st birthday hangover”.

Think if Shaq had this pill while shooting free-throws. His concentration would be through the roof.  I mean the shot was all in his head. I’m sure you would agree that he was definitely strong enough to make the shot, but he hovered around 50% for his career.

Relate that to you and me.

What could you accomplish if your mind and focus were not an issue. Most people know “that guy” who remembers everything, names, birthdays, email addresses, etc. What separates “that guy” from you and me? Genetics, maybe, but for sure he is utilizing his brain better; helping him to be the best he can, mentally.

There are tons of products who advertise mental focus. Some may work, but what about the side affects of shoveling man-made chemicals down your throat? Not for me, no way no how. I’ve been using Alpha Brain from Onnit for a few months now and the results have been astounding!

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Anyone who knows me can tell you, my memory is often other-worldly with Alpha Brain, plus this is the closest thing you can find to Mother Nature herself handing you the nutrients you need for healthy brain function. The link below will bring you to a way to try Alpha Brain for yourself. You can thank me later… Trust me you WILL remember to!


What if you need Alpha Brain to go and don’t want to lug pills around, which are easy to loose? Or what if pills just aren’t your thing.. You’re screwed! Just kidding, Alpha Brain also makes great tasting drink power that you can simply put into your favorite beverage! Enjoy! Click below for good tasting brain nutrient power!


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