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Nice huh!

Too bad 99.9% of us don’t have the money to afford such a gym. The weights and rack alone would cost thousands of dollars. Very nice, but very pricey. When I first put together my home gym, I wanted to buy individual dumbbells like this:

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The issue was, these 30-pounders were for sale for $300 for the pair. While there were cheaper versions available, they sell for roughly $1-$2 a pound ($60 at the cheapest for above). Plus these were only 1 weight. Now 30 pounds was not enough for a good chest or back workout, and too much to do things like deltoid raises.

Then I thought, “What about weight plate sets,” like this:

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That’s a great starting weight set. A little over 400 pounds. More that enough for me. But there’s no bar for doing single side workouts and is has a price of about $600! And it takes up a large amount of workout space.

Then, I found the answer! Bowflex

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This set comes with the ability to select from 5 to 52.5 pounds, with the first 25 pounds in 2.5 pound increments. Plus it fits into a small area (a few feet) of your home gym. Doing home workouts like P90X or Immortal? This will work for that. Most barbell workouts can be adjust to accommodate these dumbbells. Best of all, you get dumbbells from 5-52.5 pounds for only $239.99! (remember that’s $70 less than the 30 lb ones above) Click the link above and get the weights that will be the resistance you need for years to come!

Here’s a link for Beach Body’s best selling phenomenon workout P90X:


Here’s a link for one of my all-around favorites the Immortal workout:


(I’ll have a full review of Immortal later!)